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What we are looking to tackle​

  • >10% material waste​

  • >11% wasted worker time, low efficiency​

  • Loss/theft of materials​

  • Unplanned deliveries and shipments​

  • Poor oversight​

How we do it​

All deliveries and shipments are booked in SiteHub's user-friendly app, or automatically via integrations with material suppliers, and quality checks are made on arrival, saving worker time. A new delivery can also be booked if an unannounced shipment arrives. ​

At the same time, other events such as excavation work and the presence of heavy machinery are recorded, creating a complete overview of the day's events. 

Office staff have a complete overview in the desktop app and can easily see progress and any issues with the help of user-friendly and always updated dashboards, so they can take action when needed.​

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What we are looking to tackle​

  • Inconsistent data from many sources​

  • Data loss and manual processes​

  • Wasted work time - low efficiency

How we do it​

SiteHub partners with a range of industry players to deliver the full data set and overview to developers and contractors. We integrate with waste platforms, material suppliers, IoT data and sensor providers, and transportation companies, among others. Through our open API, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we collect, enrich and exchange data in our partner network for the benefit of project documentation. ​

We receive digital order confirmations for all materials for a given project from some of Denmark's largest material suppliers and enrich the incoming data with the various data such as certifications etc.  ​

We also photograph delivery notes for all deliveries so that the supplier, material type and quantity, as well as shipping location and destination are recorded on our platform. ​

This allows us to provide contractors with enriched digital copies of their delivery notes.​

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What we are trying to tackle​

  • Administrative tasks related to LCA/ESG/CSRD/EU taxonomy reporting​

  • Material delivery errors​

  • No control of progress

How we do it​

Incoming building materials are registered on the platform. This makes it easy to generate a complete list of materials (quantity and type) for use in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), without each construction company having to keep track of their own deliveries and material consumption. 

At the same time, SiteHub's platform integrates with major suppliers, and the individual materials are linked to sustainability documentation and certificates, which saves administrative work. 

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What we are trying to tacklee​

  • Increased requirements for waste sorting and tracking​

  • Legal requirements regarding waste as part of LCA A4​

  • >8% worker time “wasted on waste”​

  • Reporting requirements for CSRD, DGNB etc.​

How we do it​

Material waste and spoilage in the construction process is also an important part of the LCA calculation, which is why SiteHub has a strong focus on ensuring efficient resource management, both physically on site and in our software and hardware solutions. Our software documents the exact quantities of waste. 

Through API integration with collaborative partners, we get accurate data on waste volumes per fraction, recycling rates and CO2 emissions - all data that developers and contractors will need from 1.1.2025.

waste & re-sources
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What we are trying to tackle​

  • Inclusion of A4 and A5 in the LCA required​

  • ESG and CSRD​

  • Local environmental requirements​

  • Health and safety on and around the construction site​

  • Wasted time, low efficiency​​

How we do it​

SiteHub has entered into a number of partnerships with suppliers of IoT sensors and the associated data, which is then made available through SiteHub's platform.​

SiteHub's data tower is equipped with sensors that measure pollution, noise and other environmental factors. If, for example, the noise level exceeds the threshold value, a notification is automatically sent out.​

Cameras are also mounted on the data tower, filming all arriving trucks, recording license plates and - via AI - vehicle type. Important data for the LCA preparation.

In addition, we can install cameras that monitor the waste containers. Using AI, the type of waste and load for each container is automatically recorded. This gives the logistics management a full overview of when to book container pick-ups and how much material is being sent. 

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What we are trying to tackle​

  • Increased reporting requirements​

  • Legal requirements regarding A4/5, ESG and EU taxonomy​

  • Increased administrative burden​

  • Lack of benchmarks on projects

How we do it​

SiteHub offers a range of intuitive dashboards where the data collected is presented in a clear and understandable format, all updated in real time. Site logistics managers typically make the most use of a Daily Operations dashboard, where they can see progress against the day's planned events, spot problems and drill down into details of individual deliveries. 

Other dashboards include Waste, where the amount of different waste fractions, recycling percentages and CO2 emissions are reported, and Certificates, where each product is registered with detailed information, including EPD if available. SiteHub's Machine Learning uses a.o. electronic order confirmations to automatically link the relevant data to the delivery, which facilitates sustainability reporting.

data and dashboard
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