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Project analysis

PURPOSE : The project analysis aims to dive into either a specific project or a cluster / portfolio of projects and deliver a “feasibility study” / assessment from SiteHub in relation to where the customer can advantageously optimize his construction site logistics with primary focus on efficiency and sustainability in material flow to and from the construction site.


The analysis can stand alone, and thus the customer can subsequently choose to use the recommendations in the analysis without further commitment from SiteHub. Should the customer choose to proceed with a concrete project / portfolio collaboration with SiteHub, 50% of the cost of the analysis will be set off in the subsequent work.


DURATION : 5 working days from SiteHub


SITEHUB RESOURCES : Senior project manager / director from SiteHub



  • Submission of material mentioned under Step 1

  • 2 meetings of 1 hour duration (Day 2 and Day 4) - 1 meeting of 1½ hour duration (Day 5)

  • 20 min telephone interview of each participating party if the project parties have already been determined



Logistics, Technology and Organizational Analysis


Analysis of the project includes the following :

  • Construction period / Construction cases' execution period - in order of priority according to possibilities and limitations

  • The alternative execution of the construction case / Construction cases - in order of priority in order to achieve the best possible flow / construction rate

  • Logistics plan - overall - in relation to the above. Joint Logistics in relation to traffic, waste sorting, clean-up and possibly canteen and crew town

  • Technology analysis of all participating parties, in relation to identifying efficiencies via integrations

  • Overall level - Mikkelsen and Riis 5 * 5 analysis


OUTPUT : Report containing the above analysis, as well as recommendations regarding optimization of logistics and material flow. The analysis will also contain an overall description of the IT landscape on the project, as well as identify possible efficiencies in relation to integrations of these.

FINANCES : Fixed price: DKK 39,000, - ex VAT (50% of this is refundable if the customer subsequently chooses to continue with a collaboration)

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